Yoga Retreats in USA

Awaken Your Spirit

Swap cityscapes for soul searching! Top US yoga retreats offer escapes from the digital grind. Rejuvenate with yoga, meditation, and detox amidst stunning scenery. No need for expensive flights - find a retreat near you!

Zen Den Yoga School

Florida's Zen Den Yoga School isn't just a retreat - it's a path to inner peace!  Unwind with daily yoga, meditation, and philosophy lessons.

DiviniTree Yoga

Unwind with daily yoga, workshops on Ayurveda & massage, and farm-to-table feasts at DiviniTree Yoga's Hawaiian retreat.

Sivananda Yoga Ashram

Seeking an affordable yoga retreat in LA? Sivananda Yoga Ashram offers twice-daily yoga, meditation, karma yoga, and spiritual lectures.

Santa Barbara  Yoga Retreat

Pick your daily yoga classes (Vinyasa, Yin, etc.), enjoy free massages, and explore nearby beaches.  Design your own California zen escape!

Vita Pura Yoga Retreat

Practice yoga with stunning Sedona sunsets as your view! Vita Pura Yoga offers daily yoga sessions in nature, guided hikes, and mindfulness workshops.

The Path of Bliss

The Path Of Bliss offers a quick yoga retreat (3 days!) near NYC. Enjoy yoga classes, philosophy workshops, meditation sessions, and delicious vegetarian meals.

Walker Wellness

Adventure yogis, this is for you! Walker Wellness Retreats in Utah offers yoga classes with stunning scenery (think Zion & Bryce Canyon!).

Practice yoga surrounded by Maine's mountain beauty at Santosha! This retreat offers up to 4 yoga classes daily, meditation sessions, and farm-to-table meals.

Santosha Retreat

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