Best Island Holidays for 2024

Top 10 Destinations

The best island holidays for 2024 include destinations with sprawling beaches, rich cultures, and unique activities. From budget-friendly options to luxury escapes, these islands offer something for every traveler.

Phuket, Thailand, tops the list as the best island destination for 2024, featuring stunning beaches, rich cultural experiences, and a vibrant nightlife.

Zanzibar, Tanzania, offers a cluster of over 40 islands with white-sand beaches and rich cultural history. The average hotel price is $158.56, and a drink costs $1.93, making it a budget-friendly paradise.

Crete, Greece, ranks third with over 200 beaches, ancient cultural sites, and exquisite cuisine. This island blends natural beauty with a deep historical legacy. Average hotel prices are $210.59, with drinks at $3.44.

Puerto Rico, Caribbean, offers diverse activities from exploring San Juan's colonial streets to jungle treks and snorkeling. The average hotel price is $336.87, and a drink costs $2.49, perfect for an adventurous holiday.

Mallorca, Spain, known for its turquoise waters and golden sands, is rich in culture and luxury. The average hotel price is $292.28, and a drink costs $3.17. Activities range from boat trips to exploring Palma's old streets.

Grand Cayman, Caribbean, boasts the highest average temperature at 30°C in August, ideal for sun-seekers. This island offers warm weather and beautiful beaches for a perfect tropical escape.

Sardinia, Italy, has the highest number of beaches, totaling 490. Known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, Sardinia is a top choice for beach lovers seeking idyllic seaside trips.

Bali, Indonesia, is an adventurer's paradise with over 10,000 activities, including extreme sports, snorkeling, and tours of sacred sites.

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand, offers the cheapest average hotel price at $97.84 per night. This budget-friendly destination is among the top five best islands, perfect for those seeking an affordable holiday.