California Tourism Hits Record High

Governor Gavin Newsom and Visit California CEO Caroline Beteta announced California's continued dominance in US tourism.

California's travel spending in 2023 reached a record $150.4 billion, surpassing the 2019 peak of $144.9 billion.

Newsom emphasized California's attractions, from its coastline to iconic cities and theme parks, driving tourism.

The Economic Impact of Travel in California report highlighted a 3.8% increase in tourism spending over pre-pandemic 2019.

Beteta hailed tourism's resurgence, supporting workers, businesses, and the state's economy.

 Visitor spending generated a record $12.7 billion in state and local tax revenue, up 3% from 2019.

 The tourism sector added 64,900 new jobs in 2023, totaling 1,155,000 jobs in the state.

California maintained its position as the fifth-largest global economy with a nominal GDP of nearly $3.9 trillion in 2023.

The state's per capita GDP ranked second among major economies, underscoring its economic strength.

Newsom highlighted California's diverse strengths, including population growth, business startups, venture capital, and high-tech industries.