Europe's Safest Havens for Queer Travelers

Unveiling LGBTQ+ Travel Alerts

Greece faces LGBTQ+ travel warning due to discrimination concerns, despite recent same-sex marriage legalization.

British Foreign Office advises caution, citing potential discrimination in certain Greek regions.

Notably, Athens and select Greek islands like Lesvos, Mykonos, and Skiathos are relatively more welcoming.

However, public attitudes vary across Greece, with rural areas potentially less tolerant.

Recent incidents, such as a violent attack on transgender individuals in Thessaloniki, underline these concerns.

Greece's stance on LGBTQ+ rights is evolving, with recent legal strides countered by societal divisions.

Despite opposition, Greece legalized same-sex marriage in 2022, sparking protests, notably from the Orthodox church.

Lisbon emerges as the most welcoming city, followed by Copenhagen and Amsterdam, known for their inclusive environments.

Europe leads in LGBTQ+ acceptance, with six of the top ten most welcoming countries located on the continent.