Discover the Best Bagels in Los Angeles

Top 10 Must-Try Spots

Courage Bagels

Wild-yeasted, Montreal-style bagels in Virgil Village with crispy, chewy textures, perfect for early risers. Expect long lines, especially on weekends.

Belle’s Bagels

Highland Park’s gem, offering double-fermented bagels and unique flavors like cacio e pepe. High-quality cream cheese and hearty sandwiches attract long morning lines.

Layla Bagels

Santa Monica’s Ocean Park spot for Montreal-style bagels with sweet and savory options like the Pre-Jam. Arrive early for a half-hour wait.

Western Bagel

Since 1958, this mini-chain offers soft, light bagels with health-conscious options and a full lunch menu, serving the San Fernando Valley and West L.A.

Smögen Appetizers

Studio City’s weekend-only pop-up with sourdough bagels topped with high-quality seafood. Wine pairings and the Smögen Tower make it a special brunch spot.

Bagel Broker

Family-owned since 1987, this Beverly Boulevard favorite offers fresh, affordable bagels with a variety of flavors. Lines start early at 6am.

Maury’s Bagels

Silver Lake’s beloved bagel pop-up with chewy, pliable bagels and a variety of cured fish options. Toasting is discouraged to preserve texture.

Bueller’s Bagels

Olympic Boulevard’s old-school shop with dense interiors and crispy, chewy crusts. Pungent lox schmear and onion cream cheese enhance flavor. Cash only.

Pop's Bagels

Light, simple bagels in Culver City, Brentwood, Fairfax, and Beverly Hills. Always served hot, with housemade cream cheeses and gluten-free options.

Calic Bagel

Koreatown’s fusion-style bagels with unique schmears like Jeju tangerine. Try the viral garlic butter bagel or creative sandwiches like beef bulgogi for a unique experience.

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