Discover the Best Indie Art Galleries in Barcelona

Barcelona's indie art galleries provide a fresh perspective on art, distinct from the city's famous museums.

Senda, established in 1991, supports both emerging and renowned artists, known for its eclectic approach.

Artur Ramon Art, transitioning from an antique shop, offers a cozy, modern space with high-quality, contemporary artworks.

Bombon, created by Bernat Daviu and Joana Rueda, is a multipurpose space promoting contemporary art and nurturing new generations.

Galeria Mayoral specializes in postwar art, featuring iconic artists like Miró and Picasso, with deeply researched pieces.

Chiquita Room, by Laura González, serves as a gallery, artist residence, and cultural promoter, focusing on interdisciplinary art.

Marlborough, a historic gallery founded in 1946, represents significant artists like Francis Bacon and has a global presence.

ProjecteSD, led by Silvia Dauder, showcases new photography and film, with bilingual support and detailed explanations.

Joan Prats, active since 1976, promotes various contemporary artistic disciplines and participates in major international art fairs.

ADN combines commercial mediation with cultural contributions, focusing on socio-political art projects and current artistic trends.