No more sugar rush!

Energizing Protein Breakfasts  to Skip the Crash

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Spinach

Eggs, smoked salmon, and spinach create a delicious and filling breakfast with over 20g of protein. Add avocado for creaminess and healthy fats.


Protein Smoothie Bowl

Blend fruits, milk, protein powder & spinach for a creamy base. Top with granola, nuts & seeds for a energizing start!

Tofu Scramble

Tofu scramble with turmeric, peppers, and onions is a delicious, plant-based breakfast with 5g of protein per serving.

Cottage Cheese with Fruit and Chia Seeds

This protein powerhouse combines creamy cheese with juicy fruit and a satisfying crunch. It's ready in minutes and keeps you energized all morning.

Overnight Oats with Nut Butter and Nuts

Soak oats in milk (almond milk for extra protein!), add your favorite nut butter, and enjoy a delicious, muscle-building breakfast in the morning.

Egg Muffins with Sausage & Vegetables

Make protein-packed Egg Muffins with sausage & veggies. They're easy, delicious, and keep you full for hours.

Breakfast Burrito with Black Beans and Avocado

This protein-packed breakfast burrito with eggs, black beans, avocado, and salsa fuels your mornings with sustained energy and flavor.