Fiber keeps you feeling fuller for longer, but how much is enough? It depends! Women generally need around 21-25 grams daily, while men might need 30-38 grams.  These are just starting points though.  Talk to your doctor to find the perfect fiber amount to keep your gut happy and your energy soaring!

Green Cup


While you might not need 15 cups a day, each cup packs 1.8 grams of fiber and is low in calories. It's a delicious and guilt-free way to boost your fiber intake.



This unique veggie packs a fiber punch (4g per serving) and adds deliciousness to pizzas, dips, or steamed as a side.

Acorn squash: Bake it, stuff it, or enjoy it solo for a taste of autumn with 1.5 grams of fiber per cup.


Just one medium avocado boasts 9 grams, helping you reach your daily goals.  Enjoy them in guacamole, toast, or solo - your gut will thank you!



Just 1.5 cups pack a day's worth (28g). Sprinkle them on meals for a satisfying fiber and crunch boost. Skip the almond milk though, it's low on fiber content.


Walnuts are heart heroes & fiber superstars! Enjoy their satisfying crunch in cereal, salads, or smoothies for a protein & fiber boost!


Kidney beans are a fiber superstar, packing 13.1 grams per cup. Reach your daily goals with just 2.5 cups - a delicious path to a healthy gut!

Oats are a heart-healthy fiber hero (4g per cup!), but reaching your daily goal with oats alone is a lot (think 7 cups!).  Incorporate oats with other high-fiber options for a well-rounded, gut-happy diet!

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