Go Global, Go Solo: Explore  These Safe & Stunning  Countries in 2024


This Asian champion of safety lets you ditch the worry and explore freely.  Strict laws ensure peace of mind, so pack your swimsuit and savor Newton Food Centre's delights!

Japan With crime rates lower than the ubiquity of rice cookers, explore Japan worry-free. Explore bustling Tokyo or snap a selfie with Mt. Fuji on a bullet train adventure.

Sweden This Scandinavian gem is a haven for independent explorers, consistently ranking high in safety. Plus, Sweden champions gender equality, making it ideal for solo female travelers!

Canada With top rankings for solo travel safety, especially for travelers of color, Canada offers diverse experiences. From Toronto's Caribbean culture to Banff’s road trips, enjoy peace of mind with a 24-place lead over the US in safety indexes.

This Lord of the Rings paradise ranks #2 in safety, making it ideal for independent explorers.  Hike epic landscapes or cruise Milford Sound- New Zealand awaits!

New Zealand


Portugal beckons with safety and sunshine. Consistently ranking high, Portugal offers peace of mind for independent explorers. Explore historic Lisbon, relax on Algarve beaches, or discover charming Évora.

This safe haven boasts stunning scenery and progressive vibes. Explore charming Interlaken, shop in Zurich, or hike the Matterhorn -  Switzerland empowers fearless explorers!