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Island Hopping in Tahiti

7 Paradises Awaiting Your Barefoot Steps

Beyond Bora Bora & Tahiti, French Polynesia explodes with turquoise lagoons, powdered sand beaches & overwater bungalows. Luxury, adventure & relaxation await! Dive into your dream vacation: Islands of Tahiti!

Tahiti Nui

Tahiti Nui, French Polynesia's "big island," is a paradise itself. Lush peaks, black sand beaches, & waterfalls! Explore museums, temples & vibrant markets.

Green Leaf


Moorea, Tahiti's sister isle, is a paradise split in two! Dive calm lagoons or trek lush mountains. Kayak with fish, hike to ancient temples, or zipline through the canopy.


This twin-island paradise boasts charming villages, epic surf breaks, and turquoise bliss. 

Bora Bora

Bora Bora's turquoise lagoon is so unreal, it mocks your Instagram filter! Skip the runway lines & land on a WWII relic. Dive with sharks (safely!), snorkel with turtles, or explore lush jungles.


Rangiroa, Tahiti's underwater jewel, boasts crystal-clear waters, epic shark dives & a luxurious eco-lodge (no electricity!) for ultimate relaxation.

The Marquesas

The Marquesas Islands are Tahiti's wild side. Dramatic cliffs, 1,100-foot waterfalls & untamed jungles await. Hike, explore & find your own Moby Dick adventure!

Green Leaf


Raiatea boasts Tahiti's most sacred island, with legendary temples & a rare flower that blooms only here. Hike, snorkel, & discover the magic!


Explore Tahaa, Tahiti's "Vanilla Island." Breathe in the sweet scent of plantations, stay in charming pensions, and maybe even try your hand at Stone Fishing!

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