Latin America on a Plate

Culinary Adventure Through Different Regions

Argentina's Asado isn't just grilling, it's a fiery feast! Succulent meats sizzle over open flames, a tradition inherited from Gaucho horsemen.



This Brazilian black bean stew, simmered with tender meat and aromatic veggies, is a historic and delicious adventure for your taste buds.

This Chilean casserole features a savory ground beef filling nestled under a fluffy, golden cornmeal crust.

Pastel de Choclo

Bandeja Paisa

Savory beans, fluffy rice, crispy pork, plantains, and more come together on this Colombian platter.

Cuba's Ropa Vieja

Tender shredded beef simmers with veggies and spices, creating a hearty and delicious dish.

This iconic dish from Puerto Rico combines rice, pigeon peas, pork, and a magical sofrito for a taste of the island's culture and heritage.

Arroz con Gandules

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