South America

From the Andes to the Amazon

Live Like a Local with These  Immersive Experiences

Immerse Yourself in Ecuador: 

Explore Ecuador's rich tapestry! Journey into indigenous communities, visit craft havens like Otavalo, and experience unique traditions in the heart of South America.

Live Like an  Uros Islander

Live on a floating island on Lake Titicaca! Stay with the Uros people, learn about their reed homes & experience a sustainable lifestyle in the Andes.


Quechua Culture

Witness the Inti Raymi festival in Cusco - a vibrant celebration honoring the Inca sun god. Join the colorful procession and experience ancient traditions come alive.


Meet the Wayuu Tribe

Explore Colombia's Wayuu people! This desert tribe, led by strong women, creates beautiful woven handicrafts.

Ecuador: A Culinary Journey

Explore Ecuador's diverse regions through its cuisine. From tangy ceviche to hearty Llapingachos, experience a taste of the Andes, Coast & Amazon.

A Taste of Peru

Go beyond ceviche in Peru! Explore Lomo Saltado's Asian influence, savor Causa Limeña's layers, or try traditional Anticuchos.

Blend of Flavors in Colombia

Savor a hearty Bandeja Paisa platter, enjoy cheesy Arepas, or devour savory Empanadas. Don't miss their renowned coffee!


Inti Raymi Festival

Travel back in time! Witness Inti Raymi, a spectacular Inca festival honoring the Sun God.


Fiesta de la Candelaria

Feel the energy of the largest festival in South America!


Mama Negra Festivity

Immerse yourself in a vibrant parade, music, dance, and a celebration of local traditions.