The World's Most Expensive Countries Await

Curious about the priciest places on the planet?

Our ranking, derived from five key factors including cost of living and purchasing power, unveils the world's most expensive countries. Discover where your wallet might feel the pinch!


Nestled in the Alps, Switzerland reigns as the priciest paradise. With a living index of 122.4 and rent index of 50.25, it's a land where the beauty matches the cost.


Norway, a scenic Nordic gem, trails Switzerland in expenses. With a living index of 101.43 and rent index of 36.15, it's a land where the cost of living matches its breathtaking beauty and high-quality lifestyle.

In the land of fire and ice, Iceland claims the third spot on the list. With a living index of 100.48 and rent index of 46.95, its remote charm comes at a cost, especially for groceries and essentials.

In the land of the rising sun, Japan shines as the fourth most expensive country. With a living index of 83.35 and rent index of 25.97, its vibrant culture thrives amidst high population density and limited space.

In the realm of expenses, Denmark claims the fifth spot. Boasting a living index of 83 and a rent index of 31.92, it's a country where high taxes and top-notch public services shape its pricey lifestyle.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas, where island dreams meet a price tag. Securing sixth place, its living index of 82.51 and rent index of 36.36 make it a slice of paradise with a cost to match.


Luxembourg grabs the seventh spot on our list. With a living index of 81.89 and a bustling financial sector, its pricey housing market adds to its allure as one of the globe's costliest destinations.

In the bustling streets of South Korea, living comes at a price. With a living index of 78.18 and rent index of 22.86, it's a blend of modernity and tradition where the cost matches the demand for luxury.

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