Top 10 Hurricane-Free Beaches for Your Summer Vacation

Beach vacations are perfect for summer, but avoiding hurricanes is crucial. Knowing the safe spots can save your holiday from getting canceled.

Atlantic hurricane season spans June 1 to November 30, while the East and Central North Pacific seasons last from mid-May and June 1 to November 30, respectively.

This year, the Atlantic season will be intense, with predictions of 23 named storms and 11 hurricanes, five of which may be major, compared to past averages.

To avoid hurricanes, consider northern East Coast destinations like Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, or Lake George in New York, which are less affected.

For a southern option, the Outer Banks in North Carolina offers natural beauty with a slight risk of summer storms, usually peaking in fall.

The West Coast is safer due to colder ocean temperatures. Cannon Beach in Oregon and Venice Beach in California are great choices, albeit with cooler waters.

To completely avoid hurricanes on the West Coast, Lake Chelan in Washington and Lake Tahoe on the Nevada-California border provide beautiful, hurricane-free beaches.

The Midwest offers fantastic beaches like Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan and Bradford Beach in Milwaukee, both providing stunning, safe summer getaways.

The Caribbean's ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao) have lower hurricane risks. Highlights include Aruba’s Arikok National Park beach, Bonaire’s Pink Beach, and Curaçao’s Playa Kenepa.

For international travel, the Mediterranean Sea is a safe bet during summer, with its hurricane season from September to February, allowing worry-free visits to Spain, Italy, and Greece.