Turkey Tactics & Triumph

Mastering the Art of the 2024 Spring Hunt!

Outsmart the wily gobbler this spring! Our guide unlocks expert tactics, calling techniques, and camouflage strategies for an unforgettable turkey hunting adventure.

Know Your Trophy Bird

Before you hunt, be a master! Learn about the 5 wild turkey subspecies in North America, from the Eastern giant to regional variations. This knowledge will up your game!

Dominating the East Coast, the Eastern wild turkey is a hunter's dream! These impressive birds boast rich brown feathers, with males reaching up to 30 pounds.

Eastern Turkey

Florida's Osceola turkey boasts dark feathers, powerful gobbles, and long legs, making it a formidable trophy for experienced hunters.

The Mighty Osceola

The Rio Grande turkey thrives in the arid West! This subspecies has tell-tale tan tail feather tips and balanced black & white wing bars.

Rio Grande

The Merriam's turkey, with its unique markings, awaits in the mountains.


This elusive bird with snow-tipped feathers haunts the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico.


Central America's jewel! The Ocellated turkey stuns with iridescent feathers and unique calls.


Turkey Seasons

Spring or fall? Unlock the secrets to conquering both turkey hunting seasons for a trophy or a delicious Thanksgiving bird!

Become a turkey whisperer! Learn key wild turkey calls to lure them in and dominate your next spring hunting adventure.

Talk Turkey: Master Calls to Lure Gobblers In