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Escape, Recharge, and Reconnect on a Solo Retreat

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Solo Yoga at Kamalaya (Thailand)

This 3-7 night escape offers daily meals, private yoga sessions, and massages for a transformative solo journey.

Find Yourself in the Slovakian Tatras

Solo yoga retreats offer stunning scenery, outdoor yoga (weather permitting), hikes, spa treatments, and inner peace.

Find paradise at COMO Parrot Cay! This private island retreat offers solo yoga holidays blending beachfront bliss with soul-stirring sessions.

Turks & Caicos Solo Yoga Escape

BodyHoliday (St. Lucia) offers solo yoga retreats with private sessions, group classes, and watersports for a transformative Caribbean escape.

Find Zen & Fun  (St. Lucia)

Solo Yoga at Ananda

Escape to India's Himalayas! Ananda offers transformative solo yoga holidays.

Enjoy private yoga sessions, group classes, and stand-up paddleboarding adventures amidst lush tropics and serene Andaman Sea views.

Serene Escape : Thailand

Find Your Zen in Sunny Spain

Escape to Shanti Som Yoga Retreat in Spain for a solo yoga vacation. Nestled in stunning Andalusia, unwind amidst mountains and Eastern-inspired luxury.