Are These the Best Hotels in the USA? Top 9 Places Revealed

Best Hotels in the USA

In a land where hotels are more than just places to rest your head, the USA flaunts some of the globe’s most jaw-dropping stays. From a luxe tented camp amidst Utah’s rugged desert to a private island oasis off Florida’s coast, these aren’t just accommodations—they’re full-blown vacation destinations.

In the realm of hospitality, the best hotels in the USA redefine luxury with every amenity imaginable. Whether you’re craving a serene mountain retreat or an urban escape with skyline views, these properties deliver. It’s not just about where you sleep; it’s about where you dream. So, buckle up for a tour through America’s best hotels, where luxury meets creativity, comfort meets extravagance, and each stay is a story waiting to be told.

Camp Sarika: A Desert Oasis Among the Best Hotels in the USA

Best Hotels in the USA

Imagine stumbling upon a concrete mirage amidst Utah’s ancient desert, where luxury meets the surreal at Amangiri. Since 2009, this iconic hotel has captivated wanderers with its otherworldly charm and minimalist allure. Now, enter Camp Sarika—an oasis just minutes away, offering a tented retreat in post-Covid utopia.

Perched on the watercolor canvas of the Colorado Plateau, Camp Sarika boasts 10 canvas-topped pavilions blending seamlessly into nature’s amphitheater. Each pavilion promises privacy and panoramic views, complete with private decks, plunge pools, and fire pits—perfect for savoring the wild beauty. The camp’s Southwestern-inspired restaurant tempts with pozole rojo and wild-game chili, while activities like hiking and fireside storytelling with Navajo tales enrich the experience.

Accessible yet secluded, Sarika offers a sanctuary away from Amangiri’s sleek lines. Here, luxury isn’t just about amenities; it’s about immersion in nature’s drama. Whether exploring nearby national parks or drifting over Lake Powell in a hot air balloon, every moment resonates with Aman’s hallmark service—intuitive, elevated, and unforgettable.

The Prospect Hollywood: Reviving Old Hollywood Glamour Among the Best Hotels in the USA

best hotels in the USA

Step into The Prospect Hollywood, where vintage Hollywood charm meets Martyn Bullard’s maximalist magic. Nestled just off Hollywood Boulevard, this Thirties Regency-style gem, formerly Prospect Avenue, beckons with its nostalgic façade and lush interiors.

Designed to dazzle, Bullard’s bold aesthetic transforms every corner into a sensory delight. From Chinoiserie wallpapers to leopard-patterned carpets and brass canopy beds, each room is a testament to opulence. Mirrored surfaces reflect the glamour of old Hollywood, while the lobby invites leisure with jade-green walls and gilded palm trees.

Beyond the design, The Prospect offers a retreat from predictable coastal-cool vibes. Here, mornings unfold lazily in silk robes, savoring Tartine Bakery pastries and Champagne in the serene courtyard garden. It’s a slice of old Hollywood resurrected, where each moment is steeped in elegance and history.

For guests, the experience extends beyond the hotel’s walls, with access to nearby amenities like NeueHouse Hollywood, housed in the iconic CBS studios. Embrace the allure of a bygone era at The Prospect Hollywood—a standout among the best hotels in the USA.

Inness, New York: Embracing Rustic Chic Among the Best Hotels in the USA

best hotels in the USA

Nestled in the heart of the Catskills, Inness emerges as a beacon of rustic elegance on our 2022 Hot List of the best new hotels worldwide. This haven, featuring 28 cabins and a 12-room farmhouse, marries Scandinavian minimalism with nostalgic Americana vibes—a refreshing twist on Catskills hospitality.

Step into the serene ambiance where simplicity meets sophistication. Each cabin, adorned with Shaker-style furniture and cozy wood-burning stoves, offers a snug retreat from the bustling world outside. The onsite restaurant serves up comfort food with a twist of Italian and Middle Eastern flair, catering to every palate.

Surrounded by nature’s playground, Inness invites hikers and cyclists to explore lush trails in warmer months and transforms into a winter wonderland come snowfall. Whether you’re curling up by the fire or marveling at frost-kissed landscapes, Inness promises a getaway where charm and relaxation intertwine.

Shou Sugi Ban House: Wellness Haven Among the Best Hotels in the USA

best hotels in the USA

Welcome to the ultimate Hamptons retreat where relaxation meets rejuvenation at Shou Sugi Ban House. Owned by Amy Cherry-Abitbol, this wellness sanctuary offers New Yorkers a respite from the hustle with its intuitive approach to self-care.

At Shou Sugi Ban House, simplicity reigns supreme. Picture blond-wood studios, Japanese tubs, and sunlit barns creating a serene backdrop for yoga, therapeutic hikes, and vibro-acoustic treatments. Whether you’re unwinding with hydrotherapy or learning about gut health, every experience is designed to enhance well-being without the fuss.

Indulgence takes on a new meaning here, from nourishing feasts crafted by Noma co-founder Mads Refslund to lounging by the pool at your own pace. It’s all about embracing what’s good for you, whether it’s a holistic treatment or that extra slice of Danish bread with plum preserves.

Castle Hot Springs: Arizona’s Wild Retreat Among the Best Hotels in the USA

best hotels in the USA

Prepare for a journey back in time at Castle Hot Springs, a rustic retreat nestled 50 miles north of Phoenix. This isn’t your typical Arizona hotel—think bumpy roads, wild burros, and a history steeped in natural splendor.

Originally frequented by the USA’s elite in the early 20th century, Castle Hot Springs has reopened its doors after a hiatus, blending old-world charm with modern comforts. Picture charming cottages with outdoor fireplaces and a stylish nouveau-southwest aesthetic.

Guests can indulge in farm-to-table delights at the Gordon Ramsay-trained restaurant, while enjoying activities like horse riding and canyon hikes. The hot springs, once favored by Roosevelt and Astor, still offer therapeutic bliss.

Preserving its rich history and embracing its wild allure, Castle Hot Springs welcomes adventurers seeking a blend of luxury and nostalgia. Discover why this historic gem is a must-visit destination among the best hotels in the USA.

The Maker Hotel: A Bohemian Retreat Among the Best Hotels in the USA

best hotels in the USA

Nestled in Hudson, The Maker Hotel beckons art-loving New Yorkers with its eclectic charm and historic allure. This 11-room gem has quickly become a favorite escape, offering a whimsical blend of 19th-century architecture and a curated collection of global treasures.

From a French blacksmith’s metal desk to Moroccan woven rugs, each corner of The Maker Hotel tells a story of craftsmanship and creativity. Suites like The Artist and The Writer pay homage to various makers, stocked with luxe amenities from Fresh, the renowned beauty brand.

Below, a sunlit restaurant and pool await, housed in a conservatory that exudes old-world glamour. Yet, it’s the velvet-clad bar that steals the show—a haven for future soirées and late-night musings.

Step into The Maker Hotel and discover why it’s not just a place to stay, but a destination for those seeking the best in artistic indulgence among the best hotels in the USA.

The Chloe Hotel: Unveiling NOLA’s Charismatic Gem Among the Best Hotels in the USA

best hotels in the USA

Escape the French Quarter frenzy and discover the essence of New Orleans at The Chloe Hotel. Tucked in the historic Garden District, this 14-room Victorian masterpiece is a collaboration of hospitality maestros LeBlanc, Smith, and local designer Sara Ruffin Costello.

Step onto the Spanish-tiled porch adorned with rocking chairs—a perfect spot for evening cocktails. Inside, eclectic parlors lead to a backyard oasis with a bar and lap pool, blending old-world charm with bohemian flair.

Chef Todd Pulsinelli’s menu at The Chloe reflects modern New Orleans with dishes like crab-baked Gulf oysters and comfort foods such as twin-stack cheeseburgers. Each room features turntables with vinyl from Peaches, skincare from Oxalis Apothecary, and a stocked fridge of curated tipples.

Experience the harmonious blend of past and present at The Chloe—a sophisticated tribute to NOLA’s vibrant soul and a standout among the best hotels in the USA.

Montage Healdsburg: Embracing Sonoma’s Splendor Among the Best Hotels in the USA

best hotels in the USA

Step into the charm of Northern California’s wine country at Montage Healdsburg, where luxury meets the magic of Pacific-adjacent tranquility. This isn’t just another resort; it’s a celebration of Sonoma’s landscape and heritage.

Montage Healdsburg proudly preserves 22,000 live oaks and blends seamlessly with sun-soaked vineyards in a palette of dun and moss. With a commitment to sustainability, its Cali-modern rooms are elevated to minimize impact on the fragile terrain.

Indulge in Sonoma’s finest at the onsite restaurant, showcasing local treasures like Pliny the Elder IPA and farm-to-table delights such as lamb shank. The sprawling terrace bar is a favorite among sixth-generation vintners, sharing tales of the region’s rich history.

Discover Montage Healdsburg, where every sip of wine and sunset view reminds you why it’s a standout among the best hotels in the USA.

Little Palm Island: Florida’s Hidden Gem Among the Best Hotels in the USA

best hotels in the USA

Forget the far-flung tropics—welcome to Little Palm Island, a private-island paradise off the Florida Keys. Recently revitalized post-Hurricane Irma, this exclusive retreat exudes timeless beachy elegance.

Since 1988, Little Palm Island has been a haven for the elite, now boasting revamped bungalows with crushed seashell pathways and a castaway ambiance that rivals its international counterparts.

Explore the island’s new programming and facilities, from the rejuvenating SpaTerre with CBD treatments to the serene two-story atrium offering Biologique Recherche facials. Little Palm Island 2.0 proves that sequels can indeed surpass the original, setting a new standard among the best hotels in the USA.


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