Safest City in Mexico: 6 Places That Set the Safety Standard

Safest city in Mexico

Planning a trip to Mexico but worried about safety? Don’t let anxieties hold you back! Mexico offers a vibrant tapestry of cultures, from bustling cities to beach paradises. But with such a vast landscape, understanding the safest city in Mexico can be key to a stress-free adventure.

Here at TraveliciousBites, safety is our top priority. We understand your concerns, and as Mexico enthusiasts, we want you to experience its magic confidently. This article explores 6 safest cities in Mexico, allowing you to plan your dream vacation (or even relocation!) with peace of mind. By researching and taking necessary precautions, you can join the millions who enjoy a safe and unforgettable Mexican adventure every year. So, ditch the worries, embrace the excitement, and discover the safest city in Mexico that perfectly suits your travel style.

Mexico Unmasked: Beyond the Headlines, Exploring the Safest Cities

Let’s address the question on everyone’s mind: which parts of Mexico stand out as the safest city in Mexico and its surrounding areas?

While it’s true that certain regions in Mexico have been flagged for safety concerns by the US Department of State, many parts remain secure and welcoming for tourists and expats alike. These areas prioritize safety with a robust police presence and thrive on tourism to bolster their economies.

The Safest City in Mexico and Surrounding Areas

The Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan Peninsula beckons with its pristine beaches, Mayan marvels, and infectious culture. Cities like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Merida (a perennial contender for the safest city in Mexico) teem with tourists but prioritize visitor safety. Just remember, staying within popular tourist zones and following basic precautions is key.

The Pacific Coast

Mexico’s Pacific Coast offers a taste of paradise. Puerto Vallarta, Huatulco, and Ensenada are havens for stunning coastlines, friendly locals, and fresh seafood. Whether you crave water sports or prefer soaking up the sun, this safest city in Mexico promise a relaxing and secure escape.

Baja California Sur

Los Cabos, La Paz, and Todos Santos make up this relaxed and scenic region. Known for its desert vistas, laid-back atmosphere, and whale-watching opportunities, it’s a top contender for the safest city in Mexico with its tranquil vibe.

Mexico’s Central Highlands and Colonial Cities

Mexico’s Central Highlands are steeped in history and architectural beauty. San Miguel de Allende, Guadalajara, and Oaxaca City offer a glimpse into Mexico’s rich past. Explore vibrant art scenes, savor delectable cuisine, and wander through charming plazas. While generally safe, staying vigilant and following standard safety precautions is wise, as it is in any unfamiliar city.

While these regions often earn the title of safest city in Mexico, it’s always wise to remain cautious and aware of your surroundings, just as you would in any city worldwide. Safe travels!

Safest City in Mexico Revealed for 2024

Looking for the safest city in Mexico to call home or visit? These cities combine low crime rates with a warm welcome and unique attractions.

Playa del Carmen

Nestled on Mexico’s captivating Caribbean coast, Playa del Carmen beckons as a safest city in Mexico. This renowned beach town offers a unique blend of stunning scenery, warm hospitality, and a thriving expat community. As Playa del Carmen’s economy flourishes, the cost of living becomes increasingly attractive, drawing an estimated 186,000 expats to call it home (part-time or full-time).

safest city in Mexico

While Playa del Carmen boasts a safest city in Mexico reputation, maintaining a general sense of security is important. The state of Quintana Roo experiences minimal violent crime against tourists. However, recent drug-related incidents in nearby Tulum highlight the importance of exercising caution. Avoid walking alone at night and steer clear of situations that might attract unwanted attention.

safest city in Mexico

Beyond safety, Playa del Carmen enchants with its white sandy beaches, lively nightlife, and proximity to the awe-inspiring Chichén Itzá archaeological site. Whether you’re a sun-seeker or a history buff, Playa del Carmen offers something for everyone.

For those considering a move, rental costs in Playa del Carmen vary, ranging from US$8,400 to US$30,000 per year based on personal preferences.


Tulum, a gem on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, entices travelers with its pristine beaches, laid-back vibes, and captivating Mayan ruins overlooking the turquoise waters. While often mentioned as a safest city in Mexico, it’s important to approach any destination with awareness.

safest city in Mexico

The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) acknowledges Tulum’s relative safety for visitors. However, staying vigilant is key. While gang-related violence isn’t typically directed at tourists, avoiding unlit areas at night is wise. Taking these simple precautions allows you to fully enjoy the magic of Tulum without unnecessary worries.

Despite concerns like drug trade activity, water quality, and natural disasters, Tulum remains a favorite among those seeking the safest city in Mexico for their getaway. With proper precautions, these challenges can be easily navigated, allowing visitors to fully enjoy Tulum’s beauty and charm.


Mérida, the vibrant capital of Yucatan, beckons travelers seeking a safe and culturally rich Mexican adventure. Often hailed as one of the safest cities in Mexico and even Latin America, Mérida boasts a charm that will leave you wanting more.

safest city in Mexico

CEO World magazine recognizes Mérida as the second safest city in Mexico, following only Quebec in Canada. This recognition, coupled with the city’s low crime rates, makes Mérida an ideal destination for families, solo adventurers, and everyone in between.

safest city in Mexico

Explore the historic city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and marvel at iconic landmarks like the Palacio del Gobierno and the Cathedral of San Ildefonso. Indulge in the region’s incredible cuisine, a symphony of Mayan and Spanish influences.

Mérida’s strategic location makes it the perfect base camp for exploring the Yucatan Peninsula. Day trips to popular tourist destinations like Cancun and Playa del Carmen are a breeze, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds: the cultural richness of Mérida and the stunning beaches of the Riviera Maya.

Yes, But…

While generally safe, staying vigilant is essential. Pickpocketing can occur, so take standard precautions. The most significant “inconvenience” you might face is the city’s bustling traffic – a small price to pay for the magic of Mérida.

Puerto Vallarta

Nestled between the majestic Sierra Madre mountains and the Pacific Ocean’s sparkling embrace, Puerto Vallarta beckons with a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural vibrancy. This safest city in Mexico contender offers something for everyone – from art enthusiasts to beach bums and even retirees seeking a dynamic yet relaxed lifestyle.

safest city in Mexico

Explore captivating art galleries, marvel at the architectural wonder – the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, or embark on adventures into the nearby mountains. The city’s excellent infrastructure, reliable internet connectivity, and diverse daily activities make it a haven for those seeking a vibrant and well-connected lifestyle.

safest city in Mexico

While some areas of Mexico raise safety concerns, Puerto Vallarta shines as a safest city in Mexico. With minimal involvement in cartel conflicts, the city fosters a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all. Petty crime, such as pickpocketing or bag snatching, may occur, but these are manageable with common precautions. Focus on enjoying the friendly locals and the exquisite cuisine bursting with fresh seafood flavors.

Whether you’re a young adventurer or a retiree seeking a peaceful haven, Puerto Vallarta caters to diverse budgets. Find charming rentals in town for a comfortable US$650 per month, or indulge in a luxurious seaside escape for around US$3,500.

San Miguel de Allende

Nestled in central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende isn’t your average city. This safest city in Mexico aspirant boasts a rich history reflected in its stunning colonial-era architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, and a vibrant cultural scene that pulsates with festivals and friendly locals.

safest city in Mexico

Stroll along cobblestone streets, marveling at the architectural gems that whisper tales of a bygone era. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant spirit, where colorful festivals and lively music fill the air. The friendly locals add a touch of warmth, making you feel instantly welcome.

While San Miguel de Allende boasts relatively low crime rates, staying vigilant is essential, especially at night. Be mindful of your belongings on public transportation, a common precaution in any new city. This proactive approach ensures a smooth and worry-free experience.

safest city in Mexico

The city has become a magnet for expats, with a thriving expat community of over 10,000. The safest city in Mexico appeal is further enhanced by its affordability. The cost of living is significantly lower than major cities like New York, with a family of four enjoying a comfortable lifestyle for around US$3,250 per month (after rent). Single expats can expect expenses around US$1,700.


safest city in Mexico

Cancun, the crown jewel of the Caribbean, beckons travelers with its sugar-white sand, luxurious resorts, and electrifying nightlife. But beyond the dazzling facade lies a question many ponder: is Cancun safe? This article dives into Cancun’s safety measures, solidifying its position as a contender for the title of safest city in Mexico.

safest city in Mexico

Cancun prioritizes visitor safety. Recent investments have seen a significant increase in security measures, solidifying its place as one of Mexico’s safest cities. Surveillance cameras blanket the city, and increased police patrols ensure a watchful eye over tourist areas. These efforts translate to a safe and secure environment for you to unwind and create lasting memories.

While Cancun boasts an impressive safety record, staying vigilant is essential, as with any travel destination. Sticking to well-lit areas, especially at night, and using reputable transportation services are simple precautions that go a long way.


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