Savor the Flavors of Tahiti

Tahiti's not just about beaches. Dive into a unique cuisine that blends French influences with Polynesian tradition. Fresh seafood, local produce, and innovative dishes await your adventurous palate!

Tahiti's Poisson Cru is marinated raw tuna in citrusy lime & creamy coconut milk. A must-try for any foodie, it reflects Tahiti's abundance of fresh seafood & island flavors.

Don't miss Firi Firi, Tahiti's breakfast staple! Made with fluffy coconut milk dough and often shaped like the number 8 for good luck, they're a delicious way to experience a taste of the islands.

From mahi-mahi to tuna, these ocean delicacies are prepared using traditional methods, ensuring a flavorful and authentic dining experience during your Tahiti and Bora Bora getaways.

In Tahiti, the coconut reigns supreme. They drink it fresh, eat the meat, use milk for flavoring, and even grill with the husks. It's a sustainable staple that defines Tahitian cuisine.

Tahiti's roulottes (food trucks!) are where it's at. Mingle with locals & devour giant steak frites or fresh chow mein under the stars. Fun, affordable & truly Tahitian!

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