Yoga Retreats in Spain

Find Your Zen Under Spanish Skies

Find your zen in Spain! Choose rustic mountain retreats like The Yoga Farm or beachfront bliss at Yoga Rocks at the Pink Palace. For ultimate luxury, check out the Shanti-Som or Suryalila retreats. Unwind, recharge, and nama-stay in Spain!

Barcelona Yoga Weeks

Yoga Weeks offers 6-day yoga retreats with rooftop sessions, Ayurvedic massages, and veggie brunches.

Rise in Love

Barcelona's 5-day "Rise in Love" retreat offers couples Tantra yoga, intimacy workshops, and gourmet meals.

Tenerife Tantra

Reconnect with your body & bliss at a 5-day Tantra & Yoga retreat in Tenerife.  Unwind, explore intimacy, & awaken your inner goddess through yoga, meditation, & tantra massage.

Camprodon Zen

This 5-day silent meditation retreat in Camprodon, Spain, will quiet your mind and unlock inner zen! Based on Buddha's teachings, find peace and let go of negativity.

Ibiza Yoga Escape

This exclusive retreat (just 4 guests!) lets you trade parties for beaches, massages, and delicious food.

Solo Yogi

Introverts rejoice! This 5-day retreat at El Cachete farmhouse lets you recharge in Andalucia.

Digital Detox

Escape to Mallorca's Kairos Project! This off-grid yoga retreat is your chance to ditch the phone & reconnect with nature.

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